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Kids Magazines

Want to get the kids away from the TV and computer? Get them a subscription to one of these magazines and it’s sure to bring them hours of, quiet, entertainment. Whatever their interest is, you will find something for everyone! Don’t worry, there’s something for you too, if you’re expecting a new born or just need some advice, check out the parenting magazines.

How it Works

3 issues for £5.00

SAVE 58%

National Geographic Kids

12 issues for £33.00

SAVE 17%

First News

3 issues for £1.00

SAVE 23%

Adventure Box

10 issues for £45.00

SAVE 10%


6 issues for £25.49



6 issues for £26.99

Match of The Day

4 issues for £5.00

SAVE 37%

Official Nintendo

6 issues for £24.49


Pocket World

6 issues for £21.00

SAVE 36%

Batman: The Brave and The Bold

13 issues for £38.80

DC Super Friends

13 issues for £38.80