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Kids Magazines

Are you worried that your children might be getting square eyes from all that TV? Or are you trying to put the fun back into learning? A subscription to one of our favourite kid’s magazines could be the answer. Guaranteed to bring  a little peace and quiet (especially helpful on a Sunday morning), whilst keeping them entertained and educated. From Jaqueline Wilson to Batman and his pal Robin, National Geographic Kids to the beautiful illustrations of Storytime, have a range of magazines for children to suit all ages and interests.

Eco Kids Planet

4 issues for £9.90

SAVE 30%

National Geographic Kids

12 issues for £33.00

SAVE 17%

Jacqueline Wilson

8 issues for £35.00

How it Works

3 issues for £5.00

SAVE 61%

First News

26 issues for £30.99

SAVE 21%


3 issues for £9.99

SAVE 24%


10 issues for £50.00


Adventure Box

10 issues for £50.00


Puzzle Club

7 issues for £22.30

SAVE 20%

Animals & You

14 issues for £40.00

SAVE 28%

WWE Kids

7 issues for £35.00

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