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New Scientist Magazine Subscription

New Scientist Magazine

A subscription to New Scientist magazine is your weekly link to scientific and technological discovery.

New Scientist magazine provides readers with marvellous material developed by intelligent, creative writers on topics including environmental issues, employment opportunities in the science field, technological break-throughs and so much more.

Every issue of New Scientist magazine explores the wonders of science, so that you are the first to know about any developments as they happen…in our world and beyond.

Challenge and entertain yourself with a subscription to New Scientist from Take advantage of our super savings today, and treat yourself or someone special to a wonderful gift that lasts all year.

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New Scientist Magazine is a wonderful publication for anyone with an interest in science and/or technology. Every possible field within the science industry is covered, from health and disease to nuclear power and electricity and because the world of science is always changing, there are always new and interesting developments to report on.

News is high on the agenda within New Scientist Magazine. Every issue is crammed full with news stories and ideas from around the world. You will also find content on relevant political issues and an in-brief summary of the latest research developments.

Every issue of New Scientist Magazine either contains an essay or an interview with someone influential in the science, technology or political industries. See the world from someone else’s eyes and see their personal commentary on a particular issue.

New Scientist Magazine isn’t just about science. You’ll find a healthy dose of technology and politics within its pages too. Features include developments and trends that are happening within the technology industry and there is a regular feature on what’s happening in Westminster and/or Washington.

If you have a science or technology question or point of view, New Scientist Magazine has its Letters and Last Word section that can help. Send your question to the team at New Scientist Magazine and they will do their best to answer your question.

New Scientist Magazine is a must=read for professional scientists. It’s ideal for them to be kept up-to-date with developments within the science and technology worlds. It also gives them details on courses they can undertake and the careers section can offer advice and opportunities.

Get the worlds of science and technology straight to your door by getting a subscription to New Scientist Magazine today.

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