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I'm Angharad, the author of this little mish-mash of a blog you've stumbled across. I'm a Welshie, hence the dodgy name , who blogs about everything, everywhere. I studied Creative Writing and Journalism at university - and haven't put the pen down yet (or keyboard, as it is here...). I usually draw inspiration from things I get up to in everyday life - but here it mainly boils down to grandad jumpers, burgers, burgundy colours and a bloomin' good tune. You'll usually find me tapping away at this blog from a little wooden summerhouse at the top of my parents' garden (though I have to retreat inside to actually post it due to stone age wi-fi), which is packed to the brim with fairy lights, throw cushions and the ideas you find here.

Why weird is a compliment

Self-proclaimed weirdo and blogger Angharad of From The Top of the Garden explains why oddness is awesome.

Weird girl holding a CD

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