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3D Artist Magazine Subscription

3D Artist Magazine

Subscribe to 3D Artist magazine today; the ultimate package for anyone with a true appreciation of 3D software and the incredible images that it can create.

Every inspirational issue of 3D Artist magazine is brimming with guidance and tutorials from artistic professionals and 3D specialists on a range of topics and disciplines, all the latest projects being undertaken by commercial studios and freelancers, compelling career advice, and interesting interviews with experienced 3D artists.

A subscription to 3D Artist magazine will also feature a CD with every issue that overflows with essential resources, including the latest software, tactile tutorials, scenes, backgrounds, movies and much more!

Start your subscription to 3D Artist with today for this unique, phenomenal read to be delivered directly to your door each month, and to benefit from our outstanding online offers that simply cannot be matched by high street retailers.

UK Subscriptions   Issues Per Issue RRP Saving Payment Our Price
6 issues for £21.60   6 £3.60 £36.00 £14.40 £21.60
12 months (13 issues)   13 £4.80 £78.00 £15.60 £62.40
Gift Subscription   13 £4.80 £78.00 £15.60 £62.40
24 Months (26 issues)   26 £4.20 £156.00 £46.80 £109.20

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3D Artist