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Inspiring and educating you with innovative ideas to spruce up both your living and outdoor space - Homes & Gardens is the must-have monthly magazine for those looking to turn their design dreams into a reality. Dedicated to helping you make the very most out of your beloved home and garden, this popular publication is packed full of features on beautiful real homes across the UK that are sure to ignite your next exciting renovation project.

Each issue features stunning colour palettes, the latest insights into interior design trends, homeware reviews & recommendations, storage ideas, and expert guidance that all combine to help you turn your house into a home. For those of you looking to create an outside haven to relax in - Homes & Gardens also includes plenty of incredible tips and ideas from seasoned professionals to turn your outdoor space into an inviting and beautiful backyard.

Whether you are keen on contemporary design, musing over a modern update, or are tempted by something a little more traditional - a Homes & Gardens magazine subscription is sure to supply you with fantastic ideas that suit all styles and tastes - subscribe today!
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