Kids Magazines

Are you worried that your children might be getting square eyes from all that TV? Or are you trying to put the fun back into learning? A subscription to one of our favourite kid’s magazines could be the answer. Guaranteed to bring a little peace and quiet (especially helpful on a Sunday morning), whilst keeping them entertained and educated.

From Jaqueline Wilson to Batman and his pal Robin, National Geographic Kids to the beautiful illustrations of Storytime, have a range of magazines for children to suit all ages and interests.

Looking for magazines for kids?

Then look no further than We offer a wide variety of kids magazines and comics, so your children will never (hopefully) complain that they are bored. No matter what age your kids are, there are magazines to occupy and entertain in the summer sun, on a rainy day, or providing an entertaining bedtime story. Many of our kids magazine subscriptions come with a quality free gift, and we also offer some fab parenting and teaching publications to help Mum and Dad out too. Subscribe to one of our many kids magazines today and help to enrich your child's life.

Pre-school and younger children's magazines: Whether you wish to entertain, teach, or learn about your pre-school age and younger children, you'll be spoilt for choice with magazine titles to subscribe to via From local magazines such as Baby London and Little London, to beautifully illustrated, story packed magazines such as Storybox and Storytime, there are lots of publications to choose from.

Older children's magazines: Whether your older children have a passion for a specific comic, an interest in a particular topic, or just like to read, there's a wide range of magazine and comic subscriptions at Comics such as Beano and Jacqueline Wilson, gaming magazines such as Playstation Official and X-One, sports magazines such as Match! and WWE Kids, nature magazines such as Animals & You and Small Furry pets, and factual magazines such as First News, How it Works and All About Space will please even the most knowledge-hungry child.

Teenage magazines: Teenagers are often hard to please, but here at we offer subscriptions to a number of teenage-friendly magazines such as Shout, Match!, PC Gamer, Total Film, SFX and many more.

Parenting and childcare magazines: However you choose to parent your babies and children, learning more about their development, things to do with them, and the products to buy for them is important for all parents and carers. Here at we offer great value subscriptions to magazines to help out parents, carers, and teachers, such as Teach Primary, Creative Steps, Little London, First News, Storytime, How it Works, Eco Kids Planet and more.