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Magazine Subscriptions for Women

Here at, we offer a wide range of magazine subscriptions popular with women and perfect magazine gifts for her. From science and nature to health and fitness, home and garden to arts and culture, sports to current affairs, whatever your passion, you’re sure to find it here. Whether you are treating a loved one to a gift subscription or you fancy spoiling yourself with a special treat, at we have women’s magazines to suit all, covering every topic you could ever imagine. Why not take a look through our extensive range of magazines for women and take advantage of the great savings?

Looking for magazine subscriptions for women?

When it comes to magazine subscriptions, the options seem endless, making it quite a challenge to decide which ones to subscribe to. Luckily, at, you'll find an extensive selection of magazines catering to all interests and preferences alongside those specifically designed for women. Spanning diverse categories such as fashion, food, home & garden, health & fitness, celebrity gossip, hobbies & leisure, and general lifestyle, our collection encompasses a wide range of women's magazine subscriptions.

Fashion & Beauty magazines: For the fashion-forward individuals who adore staying up to date with the latest trends and style inspirations, magazines like Vogue, ELLE, and Harper's Bazaar deliver the hottest runway looks, fashion tips, beauty advice, and exclusive interviews with renowned designers and celebrities. These publications offer an immersive experience of the world of haute couture, helping readers stay ahead of the fashion curve and on-trend.

Hobbies & Leisure magazines: For those seeking leisurely pursuits and hobbies, magazines like Woman & Home, CrossStitcher, and BBC Gardeners' World cater to creative individuals who enjoy arts and crafts, DIY projects, gardening, and more. They offer step-by-step guides, inspiring ideas, and expert tips to help readers indulge in their favourite pastimes and discover new ones.

Food & Cooking magazines: If your interests lie more in the realm of culinary delights and creating a cosy home atmosphere, magazines such as Good Housekeeping, delicious., and BBC Good Food are the perfect choices. They feature tantalising recipes, home decoration tips, organising hacks, and insightful articles on creating a harmonious living space. These magazines provide practical guidance on everything from perfecting your culinary skills to transforming your home into a welcoming haven.

Health & Fitness magazines: For those inclined towards health, wellness, and staying fit, magazines like Women's Health, Women's Fitness and Women's Running offer valuable insights into exercise routines, nutritious recipes, mental well-being, and overall healthy living. They provide guidance on maintaining a balanced lifestyle, offering workout plans tailored to different fitness levels, and empowering readers to prioritise their physical and mental health.

Celebrity Gossip magazines: If celebrity news and entertainment pique your interest, magazines such as OK!, HELLO!, and New provide exclusive interviews, fascinating features, and the latest gossip from the entertainment world. From red-carpet events to celebrity romances and the latest movie releases, these titles keep readers well-informed about the glamorous lives of their favourite stars.

Lifestyle magazines: Lastly, for a comprehensive view of general lifestyle topics, magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Red, and Prima cover a broad range of subjects, including relationships, career advice, personal development, and culture. These magazines aim to empower women by addressing important issues and offering a fresh perspective on contemporary living.

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