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Magazine Subscriptions for Men

From science and nature to health and fitness, lifestyle to sports, current affairs to cooking, motoring and cars to gadgets and gizmos - here at, we have a huge selection of magazine subscriptions popular with men and perfect magazine gifts for him. Whether you’re looking to spoil the special man in your life or simply treating yourself, you’ll find all the UK’s most popular and bestselling men’s magazine subscriptions right here! Take your pick from our range of magazines for men and indulge your interests and passions while enjoying massive savings on the cover price when you subscribe today.

Looking for magazine subscriptions for men?

Today's man is a multifaceted individual, encompassing a myriad of interests that span various domains of life. With a diverse range of hobbies, pursuits, and preferences, the modern man seeks knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment from a plethora of sources. At, we recognise the evolving nature of masculinity and are committed to catering to the diverse needs of contemporary men. Our extensive collection of men's magazine subscriptions is designed to engage, inform, and captivate men of all backgrounds, interests, and passions.

Sports magazines: In this fast-paced and ever-changing world, sports hold a special place in the hearts of many men. From adrenaline-fueled athletic endeavours to the strategic battles of the mind, a sports magazine subscription provides a gateway to the thrilling world of competition. Titles such as FourFourTwo, The Cricketer, Rugby World, and Today's Golfer offer in-depth coverage, results and analysis from the worlds of football, cricket, rugby, and golf, respectively - perfect for avid fans and casual enthusiasts alike.

Home & Garden magazines: For men who take pride in their living spaces and find solace in the art of homemaking, home and garden magazines offer a wealth of inspiration. Popular titles, such as House & Garden, The World of Interiors, and Good Homes, provide expert advice on interior design, landscaping, DIY projects, and home improvement. Delve into the world of architectural marvels, explore creative decor ideas, and discover the latest trends in sustainable living - create spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also nurturing and functional.

Food & Cooking magazines: It's often said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and food and cooking magazines aim to tantalise taste buds and elevate culinary skills. Publications like BBC Good Food, Olive, and delicious. showcase delectable recipes, culinary techniques, and insights from renowned chefs. Explore the intricacies of different cuisines, learn innovative cooking methods, and stay updated on the latest food trends. These magazines not only satisfy the hunger for knowledge but also foster creativity in the kitchen, encouraging aspiring foodies to experiment and expand their culinary repertoire.

Hobbies & Leisure magazines: When the demands of daily life ease, men often turn to their hobbies and leisure activities for relaxation and personal fulfilment. Our hobbies and leisure magazines cater to a wide array of interests, including photography, gaming, woodworking, fishing, and more. Whether it's honing photography skills with Outdoor Photography or exploring the world of gaming with Edge, these magazines offer guidance, tips, and inspiration for pursuing passions outside the realm of work. They provide a well-deserved escape from the stresses of everyday life, allowing men to immerse themselves in activities that bring them joy.

Men's Lifestyle magazines: While men embrace and enjoy a vast range of interests, a men's lifestyle magazine is tailored specifically to provide a comprehensive source of actionable information and inspiration. Men's lifestyle magazines like Men's Health, GQ, and Esquire cover topics ranging from fashion and grooming to travel and entertainment. These titles showcase the latest trends in men's style, provide grooming tips, highlight must-visit destinations, and delve into the realms of art, music, and cinema. Men's lifestyle magazines curate a dynamic blend of content that resonates with the modern man, helping him navigate the intricacies of life with confidence and style.

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