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Proud to be the only horse riding weekly published in the UK, Horse & Hound is the leading voice in all equestrian disciplines. Bringing you the latest industry news as well as covering all aspects of horse sports - this popular title offers eye-opening insights from respected and revered members of the community to keep you up to date and ahead of the pack.

Considered by many as the ‘equestrian weekly bible’, Horse & Hound is the comprehensive and compelling guide to all facets of horse sports. Featuring events coverage, in-depth reports from leading industry journalists, and photography from some of the greatest photographers in the business, Horse & Hound extensively covers all aspects of a fascinating pastime to help professionals and supporters alike better understand and appreciate all disciplines of the noble and traditional sport.

Whether you have been following a specific horse sport for decades, are keen to start, want to begin a career within the industry or are interested in buying or selling a horse - Horse & Hound is certain to equip you with all you need each and every week
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