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Providing pig farmers and pig fans with a magazine that informs and educates - Practical Pigs is the must-read title for those looking to better understand the fascinating farmyard creatures. Released quarterly, this quintessential read is brought to you by enthusiastic experts that collaborate with the British Pig Association to give you a definitive guide to everything you need to know about pigs.

Covering breeding, care advice, and what to feed your pigs - Practical Pigs is packed full of practical guidance that benefits those who keep pigs as a hobby, for profit, and those who simply want to know more about how they should keep and care for piggies. With fantastic features on different breeds of pigs and loaded with joyous journalism, wonderful welfare advice, and entertaining stories - Practical Pigs is proven to progress your pig parenting and profiting pursuits.

Whether you have been a pig owner for decades, are passionate about your pet pigs, or want to learn what it takes to own and look after happy hogs - a Practical Pigs magazine subscription is sure to satisfy your needs.
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