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SelfBuild and Design Magazine

Planning permission at the ready? If you’re renovating, building, designing or just getting started, a SelfBuild and Design magazine subscription is a truly invaluable resource to help you through every step of designing and building your very own dream home. Full of fantastic guides on building, converting and extending as well as tips on designing sympathetically (or innovatively) for every style of property, it’s an informative and inspiring read! Discover fellow selfbuild-ers and designers creating projects just like yours, from eco-friendly contemporary homes to incredible barn conversions. With step-by-step guides on all aspects, from legal to budgeting, it’s a dream read for anyone building and designing their ideal home!

Pick up a SelfBuild and Design magazine subscription today and get friendly, expert advice (and avoid costly mistakes) with helpful features in every issue. Got someone special in mind who’s looking to renovate? Why not treat them to a SelfBuild and Design magazine gift subscription?

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How much is SelfBuild and Design magazine?

Subscriptions start from £24.00 for 12 Issues

How often is SelfBuild and Design magazine published?

12 times per year

How can I buy SelfBuild and Design magazine?

SelfBuild and Design magazine can be bought right here on by either credit card or direct debit

How many issues of SelfBuild and Design magazine are published each year?


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