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Are you loving a new way of life with Slimming World and want to read about other success stories? Then you’ll love our Slimming World magazine offers. Whether you want to find a bit more motivation from like-minded ladies (and men!) in the glossy pages or fancy finding a few new recipes, a Slimming World magazine subscription from is just what you’re looking for. As the UK’s fastest selling slimming magazine, you’ll find pages on food and fitness dedicated to making your slimming journey as simple, fun and fabulous as possible.

Treat yourself to a Slimming World magazine subscription today and join thousands of readers who stay on track with a hassle-free delivery to their door every other month – helping you reach and maintain your healthiest, happiest weight.

Please note that this title is published 7 times a year, with each issue published approximately 8 weeks apart. Your subscription will commence with the next available issue.
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