How do magazine subscriptions work?

A magazine subscription is a recurring delivery of your chosen magazine on either a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. A magazine subscription is designed to ensure you get every issue of the magazine during the duration of your subscription, as well as added benefits such as receiving it before it hits the shops, free delivery and savings on the individual cover price.

Your subscription will ideally start with the next available issue. With weekly publications please expect two to four weeks after your order is placed, with monthly publications you can expect your first issue within four to six weeks and bi-monthly publications can be expected within six to eight weeks depending on when you ordered and the publisher’s print schedule.

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6-month subscription

With a 6 month subscription, you pay an upfront cost and receive the magazine every month/week during the subscription period. A 6-month subscription is a great way to save money on the cover price whilst also seeing if you or your gift receiver enjoy the magazine you’ve picked out.

Annual subscription

With an annual subscription, you pay an upfront cost and receive the magazine throughout the year, typically over 12 or 13 issues, but the frequency depends on the magazine you’ve subscribed to. With an annual subscription, you will usually receive the greatest savings on the cover price and is the perfect option for subscribing to your favourite magazine or giving as a gift.

Direct Debit subscriptions

A subscription to a magazine using a Direct Debit payment method ensures you do not have to renew the magazine at the end of the subscription period. The payment will come out automatically unless you get in touch with the publisher and inform them you would like to cancel the Direct Debit and the ongoing subscription. This is the perfect option for someone who wants to receive the magazine continuously and not have to worry about resubscribing, or for those who want to try out a new magazine with one of our trial offers.

Can I gift a magazine subscription?

Yes, you can! When you are purchasing a gift subscription there will be a subscription option that you can add to the basket from the list of offers. If there isn’t a gift subscription offer displayed, add your chosen subscription to the basket, when you’re in the basket, you can tick that this subscription is a gift and you’ll be able to supply your recipient’s delivery address.

If you have more concerns regarding your order, please check out our FAQ’s page.