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Bringing expertise, enthusiasm, and education to midwives of all experience levels - British Journal of Midwifery is a must-read for professionals looking to make the most of a challenging yet rewarding career. Created by experts for midwives serious about developing their careers, each issue is packed full of practical advice and guidance to help you support the women and newborns in your care.

Each monthly issue of British Journal of Midwifery includes the most relevant and up-to-date clinical reviews, original research and evidence-based papers to help you on your way to becoming a fantastic addition to the midwife family. Written by peer-reviewed experts and approved by prominent authorities within the profession - the publication prides itself on assisting midwives through every step of their professional journey.

Whether you have been a midwife for decades or are keen to begin a career that rewards patience, care and understanding - a British Journal of Midwifery magazine subscription has something to benefit midwives of all ages, experience levels and skill sets.
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British Journal of Midwifery
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