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As the world’s largest carp fishing media group and the UK’s biggest-selling carp magazine, CARPology is the definitive voice for all things carp fishing. Arming keen anglers with advice and guidance, the magazine is a trusted resource of information that can help enhance your carp fishing pursuits.

The award-winning team is comprised of some of the biggest and most respected names in the industry and offers you a level of insight that is unrivalled in its experience and expertise. Highlighting where to find carp, how to catch them, and what tackle to use - CARPology casts out their knowledge and reels you in with lots of practical advice that will improve your fishing fortunes.

Every issue brings you compelling content and masterful material from the most influential anglers within carp fishing. Combining this with stunning design and breathtaking photography, CARPology prides itself on being the comprehensive guide for carp anglers of all ages and skill sets. So whether you are a carp connoisseur or are interested in exploring a hobby that rewards patience and persistence - a CARPology magazine subscription is sure to progress your angling abilities.

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