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Committed to providing problem solvers with addictive and entertaining puzzles - Codebreakers is the perfect publication for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. Easy to play yet challenging to master, conquering Codebreakers is a quest that requires patience, problem-solving prowess and perseverance.

Codebreakers is a fascinating fusion of number and letter challenges, perfect for crossword connoisseurs and sudoku solvers alike. Every letter in a regular crossword has been replaced by a number from 1 to 26. Your task is to crack the code, work out the words and solve the puzzle. Tempting younger minds away from screens and encouraging wiser brains to keep busy, a Codebreakers magazine subscription is a surefire way to increase focus and add value to your free time.

Break the code, and train your brain - subscribe to Codebreakers magazine today!

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