Codebreakers Magazine

Codebreakers magazine is jam packed full of addictive puzzles where every letter in a normal crossword has been replaced by a number from 1 to 26. Your task is to crack the code, work out the words and solve the puzzle.

Codebreakers are loved by both young and old. It is great brain teasing fun!

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Codebreakers Magazine
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How much is Codebreakers magazine?

Subscriptions start from £34.00 for Issues

How often is Codebreakers magazine published?

13 times per year

How can I buy Codebreakers magazine?

Codebreakers magazine can be bought right here on by either credit card or direct debit

How many issues of Codebreakers magazine are published each year?


Who publishes Codebreakers magazine?

Bauer Consumer Media Ltd