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Encouraging exotic animal enthusiasts to pursue their passion, Exotics Keeper is the must-have magazine for pet parents looking to give their beloved exotic animals the best care possible. Each monthly issue features a wide range of interviews, guides, news, and articles from all over the exotic world that all combine to educate and enthuse you towards giving your exotic pet a safe and happy existence.

Catering to the needs of all sorts of exotic species, Exotics Keeper covers practical advice and guidance on reptiles, birds, mammals, and fish in a bid to keep the animals in your care safe, secure, and healthy. Expertly written by professionals with years of shared experience, this educational title keeps you up to date with the latest developments in exotic animal care, new findings in the natural world, and plenty of eye-opening features that will help you better understand the animals that you share space with.

Whether you have been a proud owner of exotics for years, have recently acquired your very first special species, or simply wish to learn more about exotic animals - Exotics Keeper can help enhance your exotic education.
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