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Honouring puzzlers who are looking for something a little different - Hanjie is an exciting picture-forming Japanese puzzle magazine. Each month a challenging yet compelling collection of Hanjie puzzles are lovingly put together for you to tackle. Easy to pick up but tricky to master, Hanjie puzzles encourage you to turn logic into art with a wide range of engaging and entertaining puzzles that are certain to challenge even the most established problem solvers.

The aim is to colour in certain squares within a grid using the number clues at the end of each line in order to create an attractive pixelated picture. Encouraging their readers to use common sense, arithmetic, and muscle memory - Hanjie is the perfect publication for those looking to make better use of their free time. Each issue is packed with 45 puzzles with clear white grids that range in size, difficulty and theme.

Whether you are an established Hanjie artist or are a puzzler looking for something a little different to word searches and crosswords - a Hanjie magazine subscription is the perfect choice for you.
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