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Uncovering fascinating and educational insights from the past - History Scotland is a treasure trove of facts, cultural discoveries and archaeological adventures. Providing in-depth articles from leading historians and Scottish experts, History Scotland is a must-have for those loyal to the historical country and those looking to learn more about the region, the culture, and the traditions of Scotland and their people.

Each quarterly issue is packed full of the latest Scottish history and archaeology news, comprehensive book reviews and event listings that all combine to increase your knowledge of Scottish history.

Honoured to be the world’s largest global resource for Scottish history, the magazine is a must-have for Scottish loyalists, history buffs, and those keen to learn more about a historical giant. A History Scotland magazine subscription can keep you updated with the latest, fascinating discoveries from the proud Scottish heritage and teach you about Scotland’s incredible past.

Seek out a better understanding of Scottish history, and learn more about a fascinating culture - subscribe to History Scotland today!
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