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Igniting the intrigue of history buffs and military enthusiasts alike, Iron Cross is the UK’s only magazine that focuses entirely on German military history. Looking at the tumultuous period between 1914 to 1945, the title takes a comprehensive look at the people, the tactics, the weaponry and the technology that changed the landscape of our world forever.

Each issue of Iron Cross puts the German military under the microscope and combines expert articles with eye-opening imagery to give you a better understanding of the management and the meticulous detail that were synonymous with the German armed forces. Looking at a broad range of topics ranging from organisations and tactics to technologies and politics - Iron Cross offers an extensive guide that provides insight into the more personal and human elements of the Germans serviceman’s experience.

Covering the land, sea and air conflicts across both wars and shining a light on the inter-war period in Germany between 1919 and 1939 - an Iron Cross magazine subscription is perfect for learning more about a fascinating yet tragic part of history.
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