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Proud to be regarded as the leading independent voice in film - Little White Lies champions great movies whilst paying respect to those who bring magic to the screen. Combining cutting-edge design with ingenious illustration and passionate journalism, Little White Lies is a must-have for movie-goers who love to understand the craft of cinema better.

Created to cater to cinephiles' needs, Little White Lies takes a deep dive into a vast array of films. Created by fellow film-lovers, the team brings you closer to the action with eye-opening insights to help you better understand the magical world of movies. Merging intelligent writing with striking illustrations, the magazine satisfies the appetites of film aficionados and casual movie-goers alike. So whether you have been following films for decades or have recently decided you want to learn more about the medium - a Little White Lies magazine subscription is sure to reel you in and keep you entertained every time it lands through your door.

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