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Proud to be the UK’s number one Modern Traction Partwork - MLI Plus is a passionate publication that is dedicated to recording the development, operation and disposal of the UK diesel and electric fleets. Committed to providing railway fans and engineering enthusiasts with everything they could possibly need in every bi-monthly issue, the magazine is a must-have for the technically curious.

Formerly known as ‘Modern Locomotives Illustrated’, the title has been educating and enthusing technical train lovers for over 15 years. Since its conception in 2008, MLI Plus has comprehensively covered all modern traction classes of locomotive and multiple-unit trains. Created by fellow fans of transporting titans and designed to cater to the needs of the technical follower, the title is a detailed and insightful look into all models of the UK diesel and electric fleets.

Whether you are a seasoned expert on all things locomotive or are looking to educate yourselves on the engineering and meticulous design that goes into building these modern traction machines - an MLI Plus magazine subscription is sure to accelerate your understanding further.
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