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Navigating you through Britain’s inland waterways - NarrowBoat is a must-read magazine for anyone interested in the history and heritage of the UK’s illustrious rivers and canals. Each issue encourages you to embark through waterway history with insightful and informative articles, rare archive photography, and expert-led content that focuses on the boats, the people and the places that make Britain’s canals so iconic.

Released four times a year, NarrowBoat is a comprehensive collection of knowledge and nostalgia that educates and entertains with an in-depth look into a part of history that is quintessentially British. Whether you are already well-educated on the subject or wish to learn more about the wizardry of the United Kingdom’s waterway systems - NarrowBoat has something for you.

Celebrating the heritage, looking at some of the greatest models ever to grace the waterways, and educating you on the evolution of the canal systems - a NarrowBoat magazine subscription is perfect for those looking to better understand a fascinating part of the past.

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