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PC Pilot magazine is the biggest-selling flight simulation magazine in the world. From the most detailed instrument-only simulator to fast-paced combat sims and everything in between, it’s your one-stop shop for Flight Simulation! Each issue features reviews of the latest simulation software, new stand-alone programmes, add-on aircraft, plus scenery and utility software for Microsoft’s Flight Simulator series and other commercial simulations.

Published bi-monthly, PC Pilot is produced by experienced flight simmers and real life pilots and features tutorials on air combat, GA flying, airliner flying and regular flight. In addition, PC Pilot also carries interviews with publishers and developers within the industry and assessments of flight control hardware and articles dealing with technical PC issues aimed at both the beginner and the more experienced simulation flyer. Each issue also includes a FREE CD!

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PC Pilot Magazine
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How much is PC Pilot magazine?

Subscriptions start from £26.99 for 6 Issues

How often is PC Pilot magazine published?

6 times per year

How can I buy PC Pilot magazine?

PC Pilot magazine can be bought right here on magazine.co.uk by either credit card or direct debit

How many issues of PC Pilot magazine are published each year?


Who publishes PC Pilot magazine?

Kelsey Publishing