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Perfect for farmers and contractors looking to stay up-to-date with industry news and developments - Profi International offers insight and education to keep you informed about the ever-changing agricultural machinery world. Each issue features the latest farm machinery news and helps you navigate through today's tough farming environment to keep you in the driving seat of your agricultural ambitions.

As the definitive, independent guide to buying and operating modern farm machinery, Profi International is brought to you by experts and fellow passionate farmers to ensure that you are in control of your farming business and teaches you everything you need to choose the right farming machinery for you and your needs. Every month, the dedicated team compares tractors and delves deeper with helpful technical and practical articles that cover everything from unique DLG tractor tests to top tips for getting the most from your existing machinery.

Whether you're already well-versed in farming machinery or are looking to purchase your very first tractor - a Profi International magazine subscription is the perfect farming companion that will cater to your specific needs.
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