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Puzzles with a point!  Puzzler Arrowords has over 75 fun and lively puzzles in every issue; perfect for any fan of this popular puzzle. This entertaining arrowords mag is sure to keep you busy! The puzzles come in all shapes and sizes, to suit the time you have to solve, and to suit all abilities. Some of the puzzles just keep on giving with shaded squares spelling out words related to the puzzle or questions about one of the clues. Once you have warmed up, dive into the arrowords extra section – 15 pages of tougher puzzles to enjoy including a huge double-page grid. TV stars and celebrities feature too, adding a bit of showbiz glamour!

Puzzler Arrowords is published by Puzzler Media, The UK's No.1 Puzzle publisher. Synonymous with top-quality puzzles, Puzzler Media have a passion for puzzles, and love to share that with their customers. You can expect this passion for puzzles to be reflected in each and every one of their magazines, including Puzzler Arrowords.

Competition fans will also enjoy the chance to win a share of a massive £6,000 cash prize in every issue, which MUST be won!
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