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The ultimate go-to magazine for any codeword fan, a Puzzler Codewords magazine subscription is the ultimate boredom buster for passing the time at weekends, on a plane or train or during a quiet afternoon with a biscuit and a cup of tea! Loved by puzzlers everywhere, codewords – where each letter of the alphabet has been swapped for a number – are a great way to challenge your mind and keep your brain ticking over. You can even play with friends or family; it’s a maddening, addictive and fantastic way to puzzle! 

Pick up a Puzzler Codewords magazine subscription today and get puzzling on the fun and brainteasing word and number game that keeps you on your toes on every page! Know someone special who’d love to give it a go? Why not treat them to a Puzzler Codewords magazine gift subscription? It’s the gift that gives all year round!
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