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Providing hours of entertainment to puzzle fans every month - Puzzler Sudoku is a prized publication for problem solvers looking to satisfy their needs. Honoured to be the first and best sudoku title available on the market, this magazine features an unrivalled collection of original Japanese handcrafted puzzles that continue to grow in popularity.

Encouraging both experienced and novice sudoku solvers with 84 challenging pages every time it lands at your door - Puzzler Sudoku prides itself on providing you with more than your usual sudoku puzzles. Featuring fan-favourite brainteasers such as Killer Sudoku, Loop-the-Loop, Bridges and Tatami, this is a must-have magazine for fans of the discipline who are looking to broaden their horizons further.

Whether you are a seasoned sudoku solver or a newbie looking to improve - a Puzzler Sudoku magazine subscription provides you with a stylish design and a convenient A5 size to ensure that you have a challenging yet rewarding resource with you wherever you go.
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