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Scuba Diver Magazine

The perfect read for those who dream of life underwater, a Scuba Diver magazine subscription is the ideal way to get to grips with the theory of scuba diving pre-dive – whether you’re a complete beginner or professional diver! Filled with breath-taking photos of the most stunning coral reefs, fish and finds worldwide, expect to get itchy feet with every issue! It’s just what you’re looking for to help you plan your next diving trip, explain and understand safety procedures plus great gear to wear underwater. Don’t miss out on the latest tips for where to travel to next!


Dive into a beautiful underwater world with a Scuba Diver magazine subscription today! Got a super keen scuba diver in mind? Why not treat them to an Scuba Diver gift magazine subscription – it’s the perfect gift that gives all year round!

Scuba Diver Magazine
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How much is Scuba Diver magazine?

Subscriptions start from £30.00 for 12 Issues

How often is Scuba Diver magazine published?

12 times per year

How can I buy Scuba Diver magazine?

Scuba Diver magazine can be bought right here on by either credit card or direct debit

How many issues of Scuba Diver magazine are published each year?


Who publishes Scuba Diver magazine?

Rork Media Limited