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Honoured to be the only official magazine for the genre-defining sensation - Star Trek Explorer is the absolute must-have magazine for true Trekkies. Committed to supplying fans with an entertaining and informative read that will bolster their admiration for the iconic science fiction space saga, this popular title gives the fandom a deeper insight into the fleet they follow so passionately.

Brought to you by a team that adores world-building and storytelling as much as you do - Star Trek Explorer probes deeper into the worlds, the lore, and the people responsible for creating and continuing the legacy of a multi-generational behemoth. Packed with exclusive content such as insightful cast and crew interviews, photos, unrivalled behind-the-scenes access, and fascinating features on all facets of the space fantasy franchise - Star Trek Explorer magazine ensures that your love of Star Trek never stalls.

Steer your love of Star Trek into hyperdrive - with a Star Trek Explorer magazine subscription!

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