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Strong Words Magazine

Love books? Need help picking the next one? Care to make the process as enjoyable as possible? Then you need Strong Words!

It’s a brilliant magazine about new books for people who can’t get enough of them. It’s packed with reviews of new titles – and interviews with their authors – to inspire your next literary purchase.

Whatever your thing – non-fiction, biography, crime and thrillers or the most imaginative new fiction – Strong Words is packed with suggestions for what to read next.

Strong Words Magazine
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How much is Strong Words magazine?

Subscriptions start from £5.00 for Issues

How often is Strong Words magazine published?

9 times per year

How can I buy Strong Words magazine?

Strong Words magazine can be bought right here on by either credit card or direct debit

How many issues of Strong Words magazine are published each year?


Who publishes Strong Words magazine?

De Pentonville Media