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Leaning into what loyal logic puzzle solvers love the most, Suguru is the newest and most exciting addition to the puzzling world. Relatively unknown and instantly rewarding, this title provides a new avenue for problem-solvers to try and tackle. Offering a pure logical challenge to puzzlers of all ages and abilities, this is a must-have magazine for those looking for something a little different.

Each monthly issue features Suguru puzzles of all shapes and sizes that are sure to challenge you and the family every time it lands through the door. However, players should approach with caution - these puzzles are unique in their addictiveness and unparalleled in their solving satisfaction. Each cell in an outlined block must contain a digit: a two-cell block contains the digits 1 and 2; a three-cell block contains the digits 1, 2 and 3; and so on. The same digit must not appear in neighbouring cells, not even diagonally!

With four other great logic puzzles included in every instalment (Sign In, Loopy, Stars, and Shikaku) and a free pencil included each month - a Suguru magazine subscription can keep you engaged and entertained with a fresh new addition to the world of puzzling!
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