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Supplying loyal logic puzzle fans with a formidable collection of fun and engaging hanjie puzzles - Super Hanjie is sure to satisfy your problem-solving needs. Released every other month, this exciting picture-forming Japanese puzzle publication is easy to pick up but difficult to put down.

Super Hanjie is the sumo-sized version of the classic Hanjie logic puzzle with grids ranging in size from 30x40 up to 50x60. The aim is to colour in certain squares within a grid, using the number clues at the end of each line - to create an attractive pixelated picture. Each issue is packed full of 43 puzzles that vary in difficulty and theme and includes an introduction on how to solve the puzzle to help you on your way.

With plenty to keep you busy every time it lands through your letterbox and featuring four two-colour puzzles that add another element of interest - a Super Hanjie magazine subscription is perfect for puzzlers looking for something a little different.
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