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Solving a sudoku is a great way to keep the brain sharp, increase concentration, and improve reaction time. Take a Break Sudoku understands the benefits of tackling puzzles that are challenging to conquer but rewarding once you have revealed the answers. Take a Break Sudoku is a must-have for sudoku specialists, puzzle fans, and those looking to broaden their brain horizons.

Each issue contains 80 great sudokus for you to tackle, and with innovative variations and puzzles that cater to all skill sets and experience levels - a Take a Break Sudoku magazine subscription is sure to engage and entertain every time it arrives through your letterbox. Featuring the hugely popular 16x16 grid and the chance to win £1000 in the monthly cash competition - seeking sudoku success could benefit both your mind and your wallet!

Train your brain, and increase your problem-solving skills - subscribe to Take a Break Sudoku today!
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