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Encouraging escapism from the digital world - The Simple Things highlights the many benefits of taking yourself away from screens, social media, and technology. Bringing you 132 pages of aesthetically pleasing inspiration and advice on how to be present, mindful, and grateful for the little things - this positive publication is perfect for anyone looking to focus more on what is important and less on life's busy distractions.

Packed with innovative ideas for living well, The Simple Things magazine stays loyal to its title by honing in on the simple pleasures that can energise and enthuse us all. Featuring seasonal recipes, gardening tips, home life hacks, and easy-to-follow mindfulness advice - The Simple Things offers essential reading and guidance that can help you achieve prolonged inner peace and a better appreciation for the things that sometimes get overlooked by the modern way of living.

Focus on simplicity, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures - with a magazine subscription to The Simple Things!

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