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The Smallholder is an informative and entertaining 'one-stop-shop' magazine for enthusiasts, providing straightforward, down-to-earth contents covering all the essentials.

Readers will enjoy regular, in depth livestock buying features, practical articles on key aspects such as breeding, housing, feeding and husbandry, owners' stories, plus a look at dairy and fibre opportunities, health and welfare-related Q&As, delicious recipe ideas, regular competitions and a unique breeders directory. The Smallholder will be a first point of contact for people wanting to keep these farm animals. Includes free newsletter.

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Subscriptions start from £33.44 for 8 Issues

How often is The Smallholder magazine published?

6 times per year

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The Smallholder magazine can be bought right here on by either credit card or direct debit

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Who publishes The Smallholder magazine?

Kelsey Publishing