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If you are a true music fan who likes to keep up to date with the ever-evolving independent music industry - then TJPL News is the must-have magazine for you. Allowing you to dive into the heart of music, this monthly music magazine highlights the infectious energy of the independent music world and brings you all of the latest developments from a scene that encourages creative individualism.

TJPL News provides perspective for passionate fans, musicians and industry professionals looking to better understand the vast and ever-growing independent music scene. Each issue is packed full of backstage interviews, technology insights, album reviews, details of the latest releases, and a plethora of playlist picks that all combine to keep you connected to the independent music industry every time a new issue lands at your door.

Whether you are an avid gig-goer, a session musician, a solo artist, or part of a band - a TJPL News magazine subscription equips you with all you need to make the most out of your music passion.
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