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Fuelling female empowerment with a weekly resource of new ideas and inspiration, Woman provides 40-plus women with an entertaining and engaging magazine that focuses on a wide variety of topics. Covering the latest in the world of celebrities, fashion, food and lifestyle advice - the innovative team supplies you with the week’s hottest talking points & trends that keep you up to date with current affairs.

Striking the perfect balance between an open-minded & optimistic narrative, Woman offers a compelling mix of content that inspires, educates and enthuses its loyal reader base. Encouraging women to pursue their interests and showcasing the important topics from a female perspective - Woman understands what makes 40-plus women tick and is resolute in catering to their needs.

Whether you have a passion for fashion, are looking to improve your health & fitness, or are keen to learn more about the latest celebrity gossip - a Woman magazine subscription will help you enhance your interests with expertly written articles and advice.

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