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With over 2 million readers each week, First News is the only award-winning weekly newspaper for young people (aged 7-14) dedicated to delivering interesting and engaging thought pieces from today’s news, plus plenty of fun features from around the world. A First News subscription is designed to bring the news to young people in a way that is easy to understand and age appropriate, yet educational and engaging. At First News, we know that many parents and grandparents are concerned that their children or grandchildren are growing up in a world with limited interest or understanding of current issues.

Treat your kids to a First News newspaper subscription today and join over 2 million readers, making First News the most widely read publication for young people in the UK!

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How much is First News magazine?

Subscriptions start from £1.00 for Issues

How often is First News magazine published?

52 times per year

How can I buy First News magazine?

First News magazine can be bought right here on by either credit card or direct debit

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Who publishes First News magazine?

First News (UK) Ltd