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Providing passionate Porsche fans with a magazine solely dedicated to the classic Porsche scene - Classic Porsche encourages enthusiasts with a comprehensive guide to the iconic car brand. Covering every classic model, from the earliest post-war prototypes to the turbocharged favourites of the 1980s, Classic Porsche navigates you through their fascinating history and reveals what the future holds for the exciting car manufacturer.

Published nine times a year by the expert team responsible for the market-leading '911 & Porsche World' magazine, each issue is packed full of information to increase your Porsche education. Featuring in-depth profiles on classics like the elegant early 356s and the iconic 1973 Carrera RS - Classic Porsche caters to your intrigue with a trusted information resource covering all aspects of the Porsche scene. With eye-opening technical stories on engines and gearboxes, practical advice on how to keep your classic Porsche on the road, and interviews with the racing heroes from Porsche's past, a Classic Porsche magazine subscription is sure to take your Porsche passion up a gear.

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