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Maximising the endeavours of model engineers - Engineering in Miniature is the must-have magazine for those fascinated by miniatures, replicas and all things engineering. Providing lots to see and do every month, the magazine is passionate about providing you with an expert helping hand that will advance your miniature engineering ambitions.

Each issue has plenty of great engineering projects for you to partake in, as well as exhibition news and articles about reader projects. Collated and curated to bring you closer to a community of like-minded people, Engineering in Miniature is essential reading for novices and experts alike.

Covering all aspects of engineering, the magazine can help beginners progress with their first projects and attract the more experienced model engineer with in-depth features that will challenge their advanced skill sets. Striking the perfect balance between traditional model engineering techniques and highlighting the new developments in the workshop - an Engineering in Miniature magazine subscription will show you how to make the most of your model engineering hobby.

Evolve your model engineering skills - subscribe to Engineering in Miniature today!

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