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Footballers’ Life offers a unique insider’s view into the football industry. Compiled by renowned experts giving their advice and views across a variety of areas including careers, business, lifestyle, investments and property. Footballers’ Life is read across Europe by professional players, their families and club executives and the wider business areas surrounding football.

This magazine provides features on well-known personalities within the game and sport at large, together with independent advice from experts in their respective fields on all aspects of a footballer’s career and lifestyle.

For the football enthusiast who wants to know all about the life of a professional footballer, and those who aspire to be one, this is the magazine for you. It gives you all the insight, guidance and knowledge that you need to know to understand their lives and become part of it.

For the professional footballer in the UK our goal is to ensure that you, the footballer, receives the correct guidance with regards to all of the key areas that impact you, from transfers to contracts. Footballers’ Life is the leading advice magazine regarding the professional game and all the topics that surround it. Advice is provided from leading experts, and articles from well-known individuals in the game.

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Subscriptions start from £39.00 for 4 Issues

How often is Footballers Life magazine published?

4 times per year

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Footballers Life magazine can be bought right here on by either credit card or direct debit

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Who publishes Footballers Life magazine?

Footballers Life Ltd