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Calling all history buffs across the UK! A BBC History Revealed magazine subscription is the ultimate read for anyone who loves to delve into the richest parts of human history and uncover the incredible secrets, deeds and fortunes of some of the most famous people to have ever lived. Find out about the people who achieved greatness, made incredible discoveries and changed the very way we think and behave today, as well as those who committed terrible atrocities and were famed for their destructive and cruel natures. Whether you’re interested in past monarchy and aristocratic figures through time, or love to read about incredible ordinary people like Anne Frank, it’s all here in the pages of BBC History Revealed magazine!

Pick up a BBC History Revealed magazine subscription today and come face to face with the facts of the past that are still famed to this present day (and continue to shape the future of mankind). Got a history loving friend or family member? Why not treat them to a BBC History Revealed magazine gift subscription?

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How much is BBC History Revealed magazine?

Subscriptions start from £19.00 for 6 Issues

How often is BBC History Revealed magazine published?

13 times per year

How can I buy BBC History Revealed magazine?

BBC History Revealed magazine can be bought right here on by either credit card or direct debit

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Who publishes BBC History Revealed magazine?

Immediate Media