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Encouraging pianists and enthusiasts to pursue their passion, International Piano is perfect for piano players looking to progress their pursuits and fans hoping to learn more. Released 4 times a year, this expert-led magazine is created to help you nourish your love of tickling the ivories and educate you towards finding your value as a virtuoso.

Each inspirational instalment of International Piano features eye-opening articles, insightful interviews with some of the biggest names within the industry, the latest news, and reviews and recommendations of concerts and products from acclaimed critics. World-renowned and widely respected, this magazine is a must-have for piano purists that wish to learn more about an instrument that is timelessly endearing.

Whether you have been playing the piano for decades, have just begun your journey, or simply love the music created by the beautiful instrument - an International Piano magazine subscription is sure to keep you enthused and entertained every time a new issue lands through your letterbox.
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