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MOJO magazine features the greatest music from all over the world. Bringing its readers a unique blend of expert journalism and iconic photography, each issue explores the classic rock archives and delivers up some of the world’s biggest artists from across the decades and all genres. MOJO Magazine helps you discover the latest breakthrough and trending artists from around the world. Each issue of MOJO Magazine also brings you an exclusive feature from an icon, such as Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, David Bowie and The Rolling Stones. 

So if you love the world’s finest music, then you need to get yourself a MOJO Magazine subscription today!

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How much is Mojo magazine?

Subscriptions start from £60.00 for 12 Issues

How often is Mojo magazine published?

12 times per year

How can I buy Mojo magazine?

Mojo magazine can be bought right here on by either credit card or direct debit

How many issues of Mojo magazine are published each year?


Who publishes Mojo magazine?

Bauer Consumer Media Ltd