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Serving scrumptious serving suggestions to their subscribers - Sainsbury’s magazine is a must-have magazine for foodies, aspiring chefs, and those who simply love to cook. Each issue is full of delicious recipes from a critically acclaimed range of the UK’s best chefs and renowned recipe writers who work tirelessly to maximise your meal times.

Featuring household names like Nigella Lawson, Raymond Blanc and Mary Berry, the publication inspires and enthuses those looking to liven up their lunch times and spice up their suppers. Whether you are looking to impress others at the dinner table, are keen to discover new recipes, or simply want to cook better food for yourself - a Sainsbury’s magazine subscription will help you find fascinating flavours, and make you more confident in the kitchen.

Covering all aspects of food, and offering a unique ‘smartcook’ section that focuses on quick, and easy to follow midweek recipes - Sainsbury’s magazine is a comprehensive cooking guide that tantalises your taste buds, and encourages you to explore more eating options.

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