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Catering to those who love both country sports and the country lifestyle, The Countryman’s Weekly is sure to enhance your outdoor sporting endeavours. Whether you participate in country sports or prefer to watch the traditional & competitive events synonymous with the genre - The Countryman’s Weekly is packed full of features and insight to help bring you closer to field sports and the country way of living.

Brought to you by experts who share your passion, each fortnightly issue features all the latest news and an eye-opening look into the exciting worlds of wildfowling, lurchers, gundogs, terriers, stalking, trapping, pest control, shooting and much more!

With wholesome country recipes, angling & gun reviews, and news from the latest country shows, The Countryman’s Weekly is the perfect partner for your country sports pursuits. Whatever discipline interests you most, and whether you are looking to get involved or want to find out more - a Countryman’s Weekly magazine subscription is sure to help grow your field sports fascination further.

Set your sights on satisfying your field sports needs - subscribe to The Countryman’s Weekly magazine today!

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