Amazing cake decoration with Cakeyboi

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Cake lover Stuart from Cakeyboi shares his cake decoration tips from the autumn edition of Cake Decorating Heaven.


When you subscribe to the Food Heaven series you aren’t receiving just one magazine, but three! The monthly series rotates between Cake Decorating Heaven, Baking Heaven and Cupcake Heaven magazine, so each delivery you get something different.

When I opened my copy of Cake Decoration Heaven, I was initially a tad confused — it was filled with Halloween cakes. I was reading this in sweltering July heat. But then I realised that this was the Autumn 2015 issue — that explains it then!

So this was inspiring me a few months in advance for some spooky creations I may make this year, including a brilliant zombie cake, with a hand bursting through the top of the icing.

Don’t get me wrong, the whole magazine is not dedicated to Halloween. There were also children’s cakes (a very impressive burger and fries cake), graduation cakes, and some very lovely birthday cakes, to name a few.

One decorating technique I have been confused about for a long while was featured in this issue. It was used on the vintage bunting cake in the wedding and anniversary section. It’s difficult to describe, but think of scallop shapes all the way around the cake.

I discovered that to do this, all you need is a piping bag of buttercream and a teaspoon. You squirt a dollop onto the cake surface, then simply use the rounded bottom of the teaspoon to smudge the buttercream into the scallop shape. So easy!

I also read an interview with cake designer Charlotte Neuville of The Fashion Chef, discovered how to make pearlised bubble cake toppers and saw all the latest decorating products to make cake decorations a breeze in the autumn.

A great idea for a baking series, I can’t wait to receive next month’s Cupcake Heaven issue.

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