10 Magazines To Keep You Inspired In 2021

10 Magazines To Keep You Inspired In 2021

10 Magazines To Keep You Inspired In 2021

It’s no secret that 2020 struck the world with bolts of challenges, uncertainty and chaos – to name but a few. And now as it lays to rest in our history, we have a new year and opportunity to learn from our yesterdays and start building better tomorrows in 2021.

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The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

The ultimate father's day gift guide 2019The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Father’s Day is creeping up on us and if you’re stuck on what to get for a Dad who has everything but still deserves the best present, or possibly you’re just hunting the internet for a last minute gift (don’t worry, we won’t tell!) then you’ve come to the right place. Here at magazine.co.uk, we’ve compiled our best magazines perfect for gifting this Father’s Day.

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The 5 Best Children Magazines

The 5 Best Children Magazines

The 5 Best Children Magazines

Building castles in the sand or playing pretend amongst friends, the life of a child is full of fun, curiosity and adventure. Everyday presents a new opportunity to learn, play and grow and with the 5 best children magazines from magazine.co.uk there’s a read suitable for all curious and flourishing kiddies. Find the perfect magazine subscription to help your little ones develop their reading skills the fun way and let their imaginations run wild with a new story every month.     Read More

The 5 Best Outdoor Fitness Magazines

the 5 best outdoor fitness magazineThe 5 Best Outdoor Fitness Magazines

Biking up steep hills, swimming breaststroke across clear and calm waters or jogging along roads unknown - the great outdoors is a palatial playground for physical activities. Nature welcomes all - run, ride or row, you can work on your fitness wherever you may go. Nothing beats a gallon of fresh air, pleasant views and the soothing sounds of nature to accompany an action-packed workout. Stepping outside the confined spaces of a gym can take your fitness, health and motivation to a whole new level - open the doors and open your mind, the fresh air awaits!  Read More

The 5 Best Magazines for Women

The 5 best magazines for womenThe 5  Best Magazines for Women

 They are fierce, they are fearless, they are female - with style and grace, they represent the most enchanting of species. In the world of women, fashion is worshipped, cocktails are effortlessly polished off and the population of ‘shoeaholics’ continues to multiply in numbers. There is simply no stopping the powerful nation of females - they know how to talk the talk, walk the walk and above all, shop ‘till they totally drop.  Read More

The 5 Best Magazines for Men

the 5 best magazines for men The 5 Best Magazines for Men

It is a world where beard grooming and sports game obsessing play their active roles, a world where the latest gadgets, the fastest cars and the tastiest foods never go unnoticed. Who holds the power over this particular realm you ask? The ever so dashing species that we call, men.   Read More

The Best Afternoon Teas for Mother’s Day

The Best Afternoon Teas for Mother's DayThe Best Afternoon Teas for Mother’s Day

The buttering of warm, golden-bodied scones, indulging in a variety of sweet, sugary cakes and washing it all down with a steaming hot cup of tea, continues to be the long-standing tradition of the most devout tea lovers of the world.  Read More

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him & Her

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him and HerLong time lover, part-time fling or a classic case of the love bug, whoever your Valentine may be, everyone deserves a romance novel style encounter with Cupid. Valentine’s Day offers the perfect opportunity to sweep someone's feet off the ground with romantic gestures, and of course, thoughtful gift giving.

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6 Things To Do in London on Valentine's Day 2018

6 things to do in London on Valentine's Day6 Things To Do in London on Valentine’s Day 2018

Once upon a time, in the late 14th century, Saint Valentine of Rome found himself on the verge of execution due to multiple weddings he had performed for soldiers (which just so happened to have been an extremely forbidden act). With his bitter end near, he wrote a farewell letter to the lovely daughter of his judge and signed it off with the legendary words that read,“Your, Valentine.” Little did ol’ Saint Valentine know, that he had just single-handedly birthed the everlasting celebration of love.

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Christmas Gifts for Grandad

Christmas Gifts for Grandad | magazine.co.uk

Looking for the perfect gifts for Grandad? We've rounded up a great selection of gifts under £50, including Christmas ales, fantastic reads and luxury gifts just for him. That's Grandad's Christmas sorted (and not a sock in sight)!  Read More

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