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The 5 Best Entertainment Magazines

the 5 best entertainment magazinesThe 5 Best Entertainment Magazines

If you like winding down and putting on a movie, catching up with the latest TV series or jamming around to your favourite music, then you’ll love our guide to the 5 best entertainment magazines.

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You’re hired! appears on The Apprentice 2018 on The Apprentice

You're hired! appears on The Apprentice 2018

If you're eagle-eyed and happened to be tuned into BBC1 at around 9pm last Wednesday (10th October), you may have spotted the team on a little show called The Apprentice.

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3 reasons we love Empire magazine

3 reasons we love Empire magazineCelebrated as one of the best - if not the best - film magazine on the market, Empire magazine is filled with all the latest and greatest film and TV gossip. Grab an issue and join the fan club - here's 3 reasons we love Empire... Continue reading

Reasons I Love Heat Magazine


Lifestyle blogger Donna from What the Redhead Said tells us why heat magazine is perfect to dip in and out of and is always in her handbag... Continue reading

Why Empire magazine is the perfect read for film fans

Empire magazine is the world’s biggest movie magazine. blogger network member Donna from What the Redhead Said explains why it’s so popular in her household.

empire magazine film movie review

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